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Preamble I’ve done enough data protection training to understand when it is and isn’t applicable. Moreover, I’m generally supportive of data protection and privacy legislation, and here in the UK I don’t think it goes far enough. So it’s frustrating when lazy customer service staff reflexively parrot “data protection rules say no” even when (a) […]

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I’ve blogged here in the past about woeful customer experiences – partly for the cathartic release, and partly because complaints seem to be taken rather more seriously when they are discussed in public. Perhaps that’s the problem with complaints in general – they are hidden from view, and large companies can afford to treat the […]

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I recently completed a small TypeScript project in CDK, which deployed a lambda and an API Gateway to AWS. The deployed code was pretty simple, but I found the CDK difficult as I’d not done any TypeScript before. I am on home turf with PHP, and I wondered if it would be possible to write […]