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I’ve been working as a software engineer for some 14 years, and having taken nine months out to work on a side-project full-time, I am now looking to start PHP/web freelancing. I have an intro page for what I offer; this partner article is a rambling rendition of the how. My purpose here is to […]

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Following my musings on the quality of PHP roles in the Midlands, I thought I’d record some of the problems of looking for IT work, and offer some notes on how I’m tackling the search. If you’re a techie with itchy feet, and would be interested in a fresh set of ideas, read on! To […]

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For the past few months, I’ve been looking at the market for PHP roles, and thought I’d offer some thoughts on what I’m interested in. I’m based in the England’s great second city, Birmingham, and am trying to resist the lure of intriguing development roles in London. This post is primarily for recruiters and potential […]