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Back in November last year I replaced my aging Juicy Bike with an Ave XH-3, and after some 1,600 miles of bedding in, I’m now reviewing it. I’ve added some hi-res pictures for potential buyers, or anyone wanting a closer look. Having now e-commuted daily for the last two and a half years, I write […]

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Here are some pictures of my current electric bike, an Ave XH-3, after about five months of heavy usage. My recent review is here.

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Customer service has been something I’ve been repeatedly coming back to on this blog, partly because it tallies greatly with my interest in the social experience of technology, and partly because an interaction with manufacturers and service suppliers is an unavoidable feature of (first world) product complexity and role specialisation. I suppose it is interesting […]

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My notching up 3,000 miles on a Juicy Sport coincided with an unhappy sequence of mechanical and support issues, which have troubled my bike on-and-off for the last six months. It all started with the corker in the picture, way back in September last year: the hardened steel spindle sheared for no apparent reason, perhaps […]

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Based on an estimated 40 miles per/week – probably a conservative estimate – my 18 months of electric bike ownership has seen me clock up over 3,000 (mainly commuting) miles. As per my earlier review, I ride a Juicy Sport – the design for which has changed twice since my 2010 model. I’m at the […]

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Some months ago, I purchased the MagicShine MJ-808 front headlight for my bike, and in general I’ve been very pleased with it. The light output is amazing, reportedly 900 lumens worth; I now flood the road with a very usable light, as well as being very visible to oncoming traffic. I did have some problems […]

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I’ve reviewed my new electric bike, a Juicy Sport, for the benefit of anyone interested in sustainable transport. The pics are in this post, and the review is here.

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I’ve been meaning for some time to review my new electric bicycle, to aid anyone in the UK market. I purchased a Juicy Bike from Eco Republic in Buxton, with the intention of transitioning away from car ownership. I thought I’d bought an Original Sport, but mine has a rear rack and light; however, it […]