Thoughts on website ideas, PHP and other tech topics, plus going car-free


I blog here on a variety of topics. Much of what I write are ideas for software projects, though I also write about programming in general. Some posts are notes for myself, some are my code contributions to the open-source community, and some are intended to help beginners with enterprise PHP development. I’ve written a little about the process of searching for work too.

If you’d like to get in touch, drop me a line at {at}, but please read the below first.

Technical questions

I regularly offer assistance and advice on Stack Overflow (my profile). I think it’s a great resource, but it does sometimes offer a baptism of fire for beginners, so I’ve written an opinion-piece on how to use it.

If you would like to email me with a request for technical/programming advice, please post it on Stack Overflow first, and send me the link. I sometimes get emails asking “Can you help me with problem X” with no accompanying details, which suggests that excessive rounds of correspondence would become necessary.


Comments from real people are welcome on my posts.

I use the Akismet spam filtering service to prevent robot spam – and tip of the hat! to the people who make it. I was previously keeping an eye on the spam queue to spot any comments that were incorrectly classified, but of late the levels of spam make this rather time-consuming. In October 2013, I received over 88,000 items of spam, and in November 2013 I got more than 195,000 items. I’ve now set spam comments to delete immediately, so if you can’t post a comment, please drop me a line.

Link/article deals

My blog appears to have significantly improved its search-engine ranking in recent years, despite my not doing a great deal to achieve it, other perhaps than continuing to write. Of late, I have been contacted by a number of story writers and SEO companies willing to pay for advertorial placement and back-links.  In general, I don’t participate in such schemes, and I certainly don’t sign NDAs for them (yes, I’ve been asked that too). However, if you believe your story or product to be an especially good fit, then let me know what it is in your first email, so that I can consider it properly.