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I’m still using symfony 1.3 for pet projects, even though I should find the time (maybe first quarter of 2014!) to look at Symfony 2. However as can happen with any framework, today I came across a head-scratcher that took more coffee than expected to fix. Today’s hiccup was with the Propel 1.6 plugin – […]

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I was recently in the process of moving some sites to a new server, and found that a particular format of URI was not working on the new server: http://myserver/frontend_dev.php/criteria/analyse Normally in a symfony application, the default .htaccess file ensures that anything after the controller (i.e. frontend_dev.php) is simply passed to that controller, rather than […]

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I’ve been setting aside some time to jump all the way from symfony 1.0, which I still use in my full-time work, to 1.4. I’m in particular interested in the Forms system, which links form element attributes (such as an integer or string length validator) to database columns automatically. Since I’m fond of advising new […]

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I work on a large web application using symfony 1.0, and we add new subsystems frequently, each having its own set of authorisation/security requirements. When we started writing the application, it was clear that we needed a unified permissions system that would be both simple to use, and highly flexible. I’ve talked about our solution […]

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A popular forum question from symfony beginners is how to install the software on a server that hosts a number of symfony projects. The original core team advice, dating back to before the 1.0 version, was to install via PEAR. However, anyone who has fought with PEAR in a Microsoft corporate network environment knows that […]