Thoughts on website ideas, PHP and other tech topics, plus going car-free

This page is an ideas incubator, where I present a selection of project ideas, mainly for software or websites, that I like the sound of. Some of them will have code attached, some of them will be useful as they are, and some of them are just pipedreams. If you want to collaborate on something, please drop me a line - I've love to get some reflections and feedback.

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Ideas in this category are just back-of-napkin ideas, and some may always stay that way. I'm publishing them here in case someone wishes to develop them further, though of course their being public may spur me on to do something with them!

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Web developers who share ideas will likely be aware of jsFiddle and SQL Fiddle, which are used to demo snippets of JavaScript and SQL respectively. I’d like to see an XML equivalent, in which an XML snippet can be provided, and an XPath query used to select the relevant data. This would be partly an […]

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As a mobile worker (and coffee addict), I’m occasionally popping into a new cafe to work from. It’s nice to have the variety, as well as to try a new coffee. Unfortunately I sometimes buy a drink and a sandwich, only to find that the wifi isn’t actually offering “internet” in the way we should […]