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Cookie Cruncher Firefox plugin
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I’ve stuck with Firefox over the years, since its plugin support is excellent, as is its available developer tools. I tend to surf with site cookies enabled, but with third party cookies disabled (since I don’t want advert companies to leech off my browsing history). Now, I also set cookies to be deleted until I close Firefox, rather than permanently, which would be fine if I started the application every day. However, on my laptop, I hibernate it when it’s not in use, so in practice Firefox only gets restarted every few weeks (usually thanks to Flash, which has an impressive ability to drag the whole machine to a snail-like crawl).

So, I’d like a Firefox plugin to crunch cookies on a regular basis, perhaps daily. It’d be good if this happens when no web activity has been detected for a few hours, so it can be sure it’s not about to mash an eBay cookie whilst I’m in the middle of buying something! A whitelist would be good too, to allow trusted sites to escape regular clean-ups. And maybe a little animation with some toolbar stats, to say how many cookies it has crunched?

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