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Beginners’ PHP course
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I’ve been writing a PHP course for beginners over for the past couple of weeks, and think it is now good enough to share. It’s a work in progress, but what I have at present is useful already, and I plan to add to it.

I’d previously looked around the existing resources on the web, and found that many were incomplete, or used deprecated libraries, or used HTML style attributes, or contained SQL injection vulnerabilities (and so on). In any case, I felt that teaching students from detailed book-like material was redundant, and that using bullet-pointed topics would be much easier to talk about in class.

The course is very practical, since there’s no substitute for encouraging beginners to type, run, debug and experiment! Students are welcome to try using this document for solo study, but if they can find a mentor to walk them through the material, so much the better.

The notes are CC licensed and are thus on Github. View the repo here or download the latest PDF. Comments and feedback very welcome.

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