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Café photo website
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I’ve mentioned before on this site that I sometimes work day-to-day from coffee shops. To get an idea of what a café is like prior to visiting, I’ll sometimes refer to services like Beanhunter.

However, many websites of this kind focus on coffee reviewing — not unimportant, of course — rather than what the space is like to be in. So, rather than galleries of traditionally small phone photos, I’d like to see a site featuring high-res browser-size pictures, with a lightweight interface to switch from one cafe to another. I really like full-size background images, so that’s perhaps worth thinking about.

Perhaps the site could feature some basic information about each cafe, such as opening times and even a drinks menu. For workers, power sockets and wifi notes would be handy. Active points in photos could be clickable, which takes the viewer to a photo of that spot — a simple way to “explore” the café.

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