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Paypal/Mailchimp interface
Categories: Abandoned, Ideas

I was asked by a friend to look into interfacing Paypal buttons with Mailchimp. This seemed like an interesting Free Software project, so I’ve been hacking away on that on an occasional basis.

This is a PHP and web-based system, which accepts IPN messages from Paypal to save purchase information to a database. Since it makes use of Propel 1.6, it can easy be reconfigured to any of the popular relational databases. That bit works already, and next I plan to write a cron section to submit data to Mailchimp. The order metadata can then be used inside Mailchimp’s interesting-looking Segmentation feature, which lets users email based upon powerful customer selection criteria.

I’ve not pushed the code out yet, so feel free to comment or get in touch if you’d like to see it.


29 March: I’m not sure if this is still required, so I’m filing it as abandoned for now.

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