Thoughts on website ideas, PHP and other tech topics, plus going car-free

This page is an ideas incubator, where I present a selection of project ideas, mainly for software or websites, that I like the sound of. Some of them will have code attached, some of them will be useful as they are, and some of them are just pipedreams. If you want to collaborate on something, please drop me a line - I've love to get some reflections and feedback.

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These are projects that were started that I am unlikely to continue work on. However, if you are interested in taking one over, do please comment - my interest could well be rekindled by yours.

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I was asked by a friend to look into interfacing Paypal buttons with Mailchimp. This seemed like an interesting Free Software project, so I’ve been hacking away on that on an occasional basis. This is a PHP and web-based system, which accepts IPN messages from Paypal to save purchase information to a database. Since it […]

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My recent customer complaint triggered an interesting idea for a website; since I don’t think it’s been done before, I thought I’d jot it down. I am inclined to build a prototype, since it seems quite simple. OK, so here’s the pitch. After London Midland refused to refund an unused ticket, it so happened that […]